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* Some of our fresh produce can be ordered for home delivery across the South Island via Farm Fresh South *

Available Now for June 2023

We have lovely radish, carrots, garlic, parsley, still some heritage apples around as well as winter greens, red kale, silverbeat. A winter batch of broadbeans is looking promising.

Please txt (02102997704) what you are after and when you'd like to pickup. We will reply with details and will harvest to order as close as possible to your intended pickup. Direct or cash on zero contact pickup. 7 days/wk all good.
  • Garlic - $5/100g
  • fresh free range eggs 6/12/20 - $6/$8.50/$15
  • radish mixed colour bunch (with greens when prime) - $4
  • fresh small carrots small bunch - $4
  • fresh parsley 10g - $3
  • Heritage mixed eating apples - $6/kg
  • fresh dill 10g - $3
  • fresh oregano 10g - $3
  • fresh apple mint 30g - $3
  • fresh rosemary 30g - $3
  • fresh sage 10g - $3
  • fresh coriander 10g- $3
  • raspberry cane starter clump (willamette and nootka derived) - $15
  • whole broadbeans - $4 punnet
raspberries spuds and herbs


We are a small developing family organic market garden at the feet of the Blue Mountains in West Otago.

Our scale is small and we specifically experiment with heritage and funky varieties to acclimatise for our micro-climate and region. We currently specialise in garlic and raspberries. After this 2021/22 season we expect to offer various vege and flower seed that is clean and well acclimated to the South in particular.

While our entire property was fully certified Organic Farm NZ #1477 to March 2022, and while we will be doing absolutely nothing different going forward, for various non-production factors we will not be continuing with certification in the foreseeable future.

Our Produce


Over the years our softneck garlic has developed into a hardy full flavoured crop that keeps extremely well. We are doubling production this winter for 2022's market crop. Come at me vampires!

Fruit and berries

We have awesome heritage sweet raspberries as well as strawberries and currants. We are developing a growing assortment of heritage apples as well as pears. Plums and cherries are taking their time to come online and are not enjoying the microclimate and wild mood swing weather of recent seasons.

Tubers, roots, legumes, veggies

Red, white and purple heart spuds. Carrots, radish, beetroot. Blue and red kales. Broadbeans and peas. Fruiting: Tomato, pumpkin, squash, courgettes.

xmas trees

Just for fun in a paddock not so suited to food production we have multiple varieties of xmas trees. Alska Spruce, Oregon, and Radiata. We are playing with the idea of pick your own if you are passing through West Otago, or we can select a charming individual for you when we deliver to towns.

Herbs and flowers

We try to always have good fodder for all our bees and bug allies. Our list of culinary, health and amenity herbs of flowers is growing.

Contact Us

We are not on social media. Flip us a txt on (02102997704) or email sales at oldschool dot nz with any questions or large requests